All of our stains,  including H&E, immunohistochemistry and special stains, are performed on automated platforms  from Ventana Medical Systems.  We consistently achieve excellent morphologic detail and reliable results.   

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‚ÄčAll of our pathologists are certified by the American Board of Pathology. With over 10 years of experience in the pathology field, we are prepared for any medical situation and will make sure you are cared for with the best services.

Our Team

Integrated Pathology was founded on 2013  in an effort to provide high quality anatomic pathology services in Puerto Rico.  We have invested in automated technology to consistently achieve excellence in histological, immunohistochemical and special  stains.   We serve tertiary hospitals in Puerto Rico as well as outpatient physician offices.  Please contact us at 787 305 5200 to inquire about our diagnostic menu.